Vangie Beal Tech Writer

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Based in Nova Scotia, Canada, Vangie Beal is a freelance writer covering computers, the Internet, electronic commerce and business technology systems. 

Vangie BealMore than 20 technology publications, including Webopedia, Ecommerce-Guide, EnterpriseAppsToday, SearchCRM, SmallBusinessComputing and others feature Vangie's articles and byline.

During her career as a freelance technology writer and journalist, she has focused on a number of topics including networking, online messaging and collaboration systems, customer experience management, electronic commerce, open source software, enterprise applications, online marketing and social media.beal01

Prior to starting her writing journey in the world of business and technology, Vangie was an avid gamer and games writer. She wrote for some of the leading gaming industry websites and magazines including GameGirlz, Stomped, Oxygen, 3DFXGamers, AGN and Insert Coin.

Vangie was a co-host on the popular Internet TV show for girl gamers for AGN/Pseudo and has been interviewed and written about in numerous magazines and books including Wired, Family PC, GirlGeeks, GameSpy and Rolling Stone Magazine.