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Launched in 1997, was an online resource and community for girl gamers looking to play and build multiplayer games. The site was created by Vangie 'Aurora' Beal along with many contributors including Damon 'HaB' Floyd and Bryan 'Scud' Hildenbrand, but closed its virtual doors in 2003 as the site contributors moved on to other jobs and accomplishments.

This page provides an overview of the gaming website during its six years of being online. The Internet Archive, Wayback Machine, also has snapshots of from 2000 and 2004.

"Female gamers have always existed, moving silently amongst the community, taking shelter behind genderless nicknames for fear of segregation, or ridicule, but in more recent years they shed their collective disguises, stepped forward to be counted, and demanded to be heard. Websites dedicated to female gamers began popping up on the Internet and women gamers began counteracting the commonly held stereotypical view that says "But girls don't like video games or computers".  ~ Vangie 'Aurora' Beal ["When Girls Play", Insert Coin Mazagine, September 2001]

  Vangie's Old Gamer Bio

Vangie "Aurora" Beal is a gamer from Nova Scotia. Along with managing the GameGirlz website, Aurora's claim to fame came with creating "Psycho Men Slayers" (Clan PMS) the world's first all-female Quake Clan. In earlier days, Vangie "Aurora" Beal contributed to numerous gaming websites and magazines including GameGirlz, PlanetQuake, 3dfx Gamers, Oxygen, AGN3D, SharkyExtreme, SharkyGames and Stomped. She also worked with friend and PMS clanmate, Stephanie Bergman and brought forth the first Internet TV show, Lilith & Eve, for women gamers under the AGN/Pseudo brand.

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  GameGirlz Web Awards
  • Gamesmania -  Gaming from a female point of view for women by women. This weekly magazine has news, reviews (He Says, She Says)and previews, with a focus on women making and playing games. Even if you're not a woman, there's a lot for you here--this page succeeds not just because it's a gamepage for women, but because it's a great gamepage. They have stuff like beta sign-up watches and other things that any gamer will find useful. It has professional design and content, so book mark it and visit regularly.  Congratulations to this week's winner!
  • Mining Company - GameGirlz was voted "Best gaming site for girls." by the Mining Company
  • NetGuide Women's Guide - What do grrls do when they want to play games online but their opponents are always guys? They build their own sandbox and invite other girls to join in on the fun! That's the premise behind GameGirlz, a community of women who love to play multiplayer online games (where they can play opponents around the world through the Internet). Find out the latest strategies to games like Quake or sign up for the upcoming online tournaments to test your gaming prowess!
  • Cybersmith - Guys, you aren't the only ones out there who love gaming. Make way. The Girlz are here and they're causing a stir.
  • Perl on the Web Award -  Your content offers a marvelous resource to the Internet Community. Something "different" is always welcome! Of course, your technical design and functionality were also correct as well as graphically pleasing. Your idea is something the Internet sorely needs! As a woman on the Internet and one who loves gaming among other things ... I truly appreciated your site.
  • Cool Bananas! - Newsflash! Girls use computers! And girls play games! There are a lot of people in the computer and in the game industry that are completely blind to that fact or misguided. Thankfully the ignorant and the enlightened can now call on Game Girlz! A wonderful site all about Girls and Video Games. They have some great features and the great "weekly women's spotlight". The HTML and the design are great and the content will really appeal to women and men alike! Alot of fun and alot of information can be found here. Very Cool bananas!
  • The Web Magazine - With the success of companies like Purple Moon and events such as the recent all-girl Quake tournament, the girl-gaming demographic is primed for its own publication. And what better way to address this audience than with an online zine? Newly launched Game Girlz steps into the void, profiling successful industry players and previewing upcoming tournaments—and if its first week is any indication, it may emerge as the niche market's Wired. We recommend the ingenious game reviews, written in He Said/She Said repartĂ©e, although we'd like to see them displayed side-by-side to best compare the relative wisdom of the genders.
  • Dynamite Site of the Nite - There are tons of computer gaming sites on the Internet these days, but GameGirlz uniquely focuses on online gaming for the fairer sex. We never really thought of it before, but it does seem like a lot of the game titles that come out these days would probably appeal to guys more than girls. Are the software companies missing out on an important profit center? Probably. Maybe they should take a cue from GameGirlz and make their games more co-ed. Of course, we're not talking about a version of Doom where the character keeps his ammo in a handbag and shoots pepper spray, but we're sure you get our point.