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Electronic Commerce (Ecommerce)

Intuit Helps Small Businesses Move to Ecommerce (Small Business Computing)
Ecommerce is a good fit for many types of businesses, and you don't have to have a product-based business to make the move to ecommerce.

How to Boost Sales by Marketing to Different Personality Types (
The Quant Method offers e-business owners a new way to build trust and break down a consumer's resistance to buy.

How to Find and Do Business With International Suppliers (
From finding an international supplier to using the right insurance and securing overseas payments, we look at how to conduct business with international suppliers for B2B transactions.

Top 2012 Ecommerce Trend: Retailers Need to Move to Mobile (
The "I'm thinking about it" stage of optimizing for mobile customers has passed. It's now a must-do for even the smallest of online retailers.

10 Open Source Shopping Carts to Run Your Ecommerce Business (CIO)
For businesses that rely on online transactions, open source shopping carts are a good alternative to proprietary ecommerce software: They are a fraction of the cost and are supported by large communities of users and developers.

A Hassle-Free Return Policy is the Best Policy for Online Merchants (
Tips to create a return policy that will provide a good customer experience without losing your small business Web shop profits.

Mobile Commerce: iPad and Tablet Shoppers Buy More (
Research shows a large increase in ecommerce website traffic from smartphones, but the conversion rate is much higher on iPads and tablets. Is your ecommerce website optimized to cash in on that trend?

Tealeaf Offers Insight to Mobile Customer Behavior (
For e-commerce business owners who want to capitalize on the m-commerce trend, Tealeaf offers analytics for the growing mobile shopper base.

PayPal Handles PCI Compliance for SMB Ecommerce Merchants (
While the phrase PCI compliance is enough to make a small business ecommerce merchant groan, the reality for merchants is that compliance is required in this day and age of online shopping -- regardless of the size of your online business.

Social Media & Social Networking               

Top 10 Social Media Tips for Small Business Marketing (SmallBusinessComputing)
The following top 10 social media tips for small business marketing will help you understand how to interact with customers in online social spaces and also guide you in building better, smarter relationships with customers on social networks.

Can Facebook Replace Traditional Business Websites? (CIO)
We all know Facebook is huge—more than 800 million active users huge, in fact. Social activity is seeping into many facets of today's business, but it remains to be seen if Facebook's dynamic pages have the power to impact (or even replace) the role of traditional business websites.

Have Fun with Facebook Marketing Campaigns (
We show you how to customize big-brand Facebook marketing campaigns to fit a small business ecommerce budget.

7 Tips to Manage Customer Service on Facebook (
The following Facebook customer service tips and tools can help you to provide top-notch customer service through this communication channel.

Juice up Your Facebook Page with Shopping Tabs (
While people on Facebook use the social networking site to learn more about a company or to get special offers, the verdict is still out on whether Facebook will really move forward as a profitable shopping platform.

Enterprise Applications & Data Center Technology

Why Putting Your Data Center in Canada Makes Sense (CIO)
With its cool climate, low risk rating and skilled labor force, Canada seems like a great spot to build a new data center. If that's where your customers are, experts say, there's no reason not to expand north of the border. Otherwise, think twice.

Tips for making the business case for CRM analytics – and what can be gained (SearchCRM)
Providing exceptional customer service that exceeds customer expectation is the service level organizations strive for. Without the right technology and processes in place, companies may never achieve this level of service.

When is the right time to overhaul contact center technology? (SearchCRM)
The contact center is the heartbeat of an organization’s CRM. It’s also an area where contact center technology can lag and daily operations function on outdated customer service technology. CRM Spring 11 Release Reviewed (EnterpriseAppsToday)
With new Chatter and Jigsaw integration, has once again redefined online customer relationship management (CRM) with its Spring 11 release.

A Closer Look at Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online (EnterpriseAppsToday)
Microsoft rolls out the online version of Dynamics CRM 2011 and a new Marketplace for CRM apps. Does the new version live up to all the pre-launch hype?

Oracle's latest cloud CRM release comes amid controversy with rival (EnterpriseAppsToday)
Oracle has unveiled new call center and marketing features for its cloud CRM service – just as the company's rivalry with heats up.

What is ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)? A Technology Word Definition (
Short for enterprise resource planning, ERP is business management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business.

Small Business Advice & Marketing


How a Disaster Recovery Plan Can Save Your Business (SmallBusinessComputing)
A power outage, a tornado or a failed hard drive all spell disaster for a small business. Do you have a disaster recovery plan in place? We tell you why you need one and how to get started.

Build Your Referral Network with Manta (SmallBusinessComputing)
Manta helps small businesses connect with other small businesses. It's a smart way to grow.

Beyond Templates: Building a Better Business Website (CIO) Are you looking for a more robust and actionable business website? Here experts offer advice to help you move beyond a basic template-based business website.

Online Marketing Trends for Small Businesses to Know in 2012 (SmallBusinessComputing)
There is no better time for small businesses to take advantage of online marketing.  Today, there are many online marketing channels to suit any type of business and any size marketing budget.

Constant Contact Helps SMBs Manage Social Media Marketing (
Small business owners can drive social word-of-mouth with new a product called Social Campaigns.

Top 10 Social Media Tips for Small Business Marketing (SmallBusinessComputing)
The following top 10 social media tips for small business marketing will help you understand how to interact with customers in online social spaces and also guide you in building better, smarter relationships with customers on social networks.

Email Marketing: Segment Lists for Targeted Campaigns (
There are a number of tactics that small business owners can use to boost email marketing efforts. One technique that will help you send relevant communications to specific people in your list is called email list segmentation.

Open Source

Which Open Source CMS Is Right for Your Business? (CIO)
Open source Web CMS software is a good option for any sized business. We look at three open source Web content management systems -- Drupal, Joomla and WordPress -- and help you pick the best one for your organization.

Joomla Jumps to the Enterprise (CIO)
A new and more diversified technology focus for Joomla -- the same open source CMS that small businesses know and love -- is making waves in the enterprise.

30 Free Web Tools and Open Source Software for Students (Webopedia)
Commercial software purchases can quickly eat away at the budget you have. The good news is that there are many free Web tools and open source software for students that will help you stay on task and organize your busy student life.

Computer Hardware & Software

Wipe, Don't Reformat, Your Old Hard Drives (SmallBusinessComputing)
The fact that reformatting a hard drive doesn't completely erase the data stored on it is both a blessing and a curse depending on your circumstances.

Microsoft Vista Home Networking Setup and Options (PracticallyNetworked)
The most daunting part of upgrading to Windows Vista may be trying to figure out where in the layers of menus the networking and file-sharing options are hidden.

Nice Looks, Cool Head: Guardian 921 with Sentry LX Fan Controller Review (SysOpt)
Sleek and appealing, NZX's Guardian 921 case provides plenty of space for gaming hardware, but the Sentry LX fan controller might be of limited utility to all but over-clockers or relative novices.

Blade Servers: A Quick Reference (Webopedia)
Blade servers are outgrowing at a faster rate than traditional rack-mount servers. Using a blade can be as easy as using an expansion card — only this "expansion card" comes with one to four processors, memory and disk storage.

Expand Windows Home Server With Add-ins (PracticallyNetworked)
An active Microsoft Home Server developer community has produced many useful add-ins. Here are three that we tried and liked.

The Internet and Technology

Defend Yourself Against Identity Theft (Webopedia)
In today's society, you often need to reveal personal bits of information about yourself, such as social security numbers, a signature, name, address, phone numbers, and even banking and credit card information. If a thief is able to access this personal information, he or she can use it to commit fraud in your name.

Chatting Your Way to Success with Live Support (
While customers have come to expect this type of greeting when shopping at a brick-and-mortar store, Internet customers are also being offered a similar experience when shopping online, albeit World Wide Web style.

How Wireless Networks Work (Webopedia)
Even when you have a wired network already in place, a wireless network can be a cost-effective way to expand or augment it.

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