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12 Social Media Articles to Improve Your Business Marketing Strategies

Social media, popular Web-based technologies that let people socially interact with one another online, has changed the way small businesses communicate with customers and market products and services. The following articles by Vangie Beal provide facts, tips and knowledge for any small business looking to get a better handle on its social media marketing strategy.

1. Can Facebook Replace Traditional Business Websites?

We all know Facebook is huge—more than 800 million active users huge, in fact. Social activity is seeping into many facets of today's business, but it remains to be seen if Facebook's dynamic pages have the power to impact (or even replace) the role of traditional business websites. (By Vangie Beal,

2. Online Marketing Trends for Small Businesses to Know in 2012

There is no better time for small businesses to take advantage of online marketing. Today, there are many online marketing channels to suit any type of business and any size marketing budget. (By Vangie Beal,

3. 5 Facebook Welcome Page Apps for Business Pages

Facebook is a convenient and cost-effective way for small online retailers to connect with customers. You can manage a Facebook Business Page -- in addition to an online Web store -- to talk about your retail niche and specialty products, provide valuable information and to market to your socially-networked customers and their friends. (By Vangie Beal,

4. Top 10 Social Media Tips for Small Business Marketing

Social media lets many businesses -- especially small businesses that cannot afford to launch private online communities -- interact with customers in a more personal way to build better customer relationships. (By Vangie Beal,

5. 10 Apps to Monetize an Ecommerce Facebook Business Page

From shopping tabs to customer service tools, these 10 Facebook apps make a great addition to an online merchant's marketing arsenal. (By Vangie Beal,

6. Useful Social Media Tools for Ecommerce Site Owners

It can be difficult for small business ecommerce-site owners to determine whether anyone is noticing their social marketing efforts. The following social media tools will help you get started on the right path to tracking your social media success. (By Vangie Beal,

7. BrandConnect: Social Media Tools for Brand Awareness

PowerReviews’ new BrandConnect Suite is designed to help merchants listen to what is being said about their brand in the socialsphere, and it consists of two offerings: Listener and Megaphone. (By Vangie Beal,

8. How to Twitter for E-commerce Success

The best way to get the most out of Twitter is to incorporate the tool into your current strategies. Remember, Twitter can help your business — but it is not a complete solution on its own. (By Vangie Beal,

9. Small Business Social Media Analytics Tools

Make sure you can determine whether your efforts have a positive impact. If you can't measure results of your Twitter or Facebook campaign, it's virtually impossible to manage social media marketing. (By Vangie Beal,

10. Juice up Your Facebook Page with Shopping Tabs

A Shopping Tab is a customized Facebook application that lets online retailers publish a Facebook storefront -- with add-to-cart buttons -- on a Facebook Business Page. (By Vangie Beal,

11. Three Facebook Apps for EBay Sellers

We look at three eBay applications that you can add to your own profile to promote your eBay business on the Facebook platform. (By Vangie Beal,

12. How to Add Facebook Like to Your Ecommerce Site

Facebook Like is one of the social plugins offered by Facebook that lets people share your content with their friends. When you add the Facebook Like button to your own small business ecommerce website anyone who clicks it will have a story appear in their News Feed with a link back to your website. (By Vangie Beal,

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